Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Darwin to Cairns

Don't know where to start... Remember I said I was going to go on a road trip with 6 other people? Well, it turned out to be 7. It's been amazing, really really amazing and about as stressful as travelling gets. Today I got angry and lost it big time for the first time in as long as I can remember. Felt great, especially as everyone is so understanding, we have been taking it in turns to throw wobblers all through the trip.

We've covered something like 3000km since my last post and seen some truly amazing scenery. The experience of travelling in a group of 8 with 2 vehicles is one I would not swap for anything. Despite the odd wobbler here and there, I've fallen in love with all my travel buddies in a big way and I know it's going to be tough saying goodbye. Tomorrow we lose Torsten as we head off down the coast and he stays here in Cairns.

I've not really introduced everyone properly so here goes. Torsten is from Germany and is a Darwin recruit, he the baby of the group but that doesn't stop him from dishing out orders and sorting out our finances. Steve and Rachel we know from Perth and to this mix we can add Paul who was also there at the same time as us. Debbie and Linda are two Irish travellers who we met in Darwin and have been an absolute pleasure to have along. They are truly nutty and refuse to take anyone's bickering seriously, particularly Linda who I have a real soft spot for. We met Amanda in Darwin too, she has European parents but is a true aussie chick from head to toe and that's really quite a long way. She and Steve are practically joined at the hip (I'm sure they won't mind me saying that)

It's nearly midnight and I'm running out of time here in the internet cafe so forgive me for cutting this one short. We've done loads of stuff like driving off road with some of us clinging to the roof and other less crazy antics like showering in the waterfall from the Timotei ad. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves,

click here to have a look.

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