Monday, May 10, 2004


South India travels

Hi everyone

It's been a while since I found an internet connection
decent enough to upload pictures. Found one in an
unlikely place called Hampi which is a whole load of
temples and ruins in this boulder strewn valley. It
reminds me a bit of the ceremonial cities in Mexico
except that Hampi's temples are still in use and the
atmosphere is really peaceful and relaxed. Got up at
dawn yesterday to climb to a temple on a hill and watch
the sun rise. Now is low season and there's fewer
travellers. Feels great to have this place to myself.
Thanks Dawn for sending me here!
Yesterday I went for a wander through paddy fields up
to the river. There were people working in the fields
and one showed me which way to go to avoid sinking up
to my neck in mud. I sat on huge rocks by the river and
ate "friut cake" which was more like a giant blueberry
muffin. Yum.
It seems western food is readily available most places,
their idea of pizza can be verry odd tho. In the first
few weeks I was determined to eat like the locals and I
managed pretty well until I got to Goa. Much as I love
curry, my stomach can't yet cope with it 3 times a day.
I started eating banana porridge for breakfast (flippin
incredible), which is what I'm gonna do now.

click here to see pictures

The pic's I've uploaded are of the Taj Mahal, Bombay
and Hampi. No pics of Goa (didn't want to get sand in
the camera so it stayed locked away). Next stops,
Bangalore, Mysore, Cochin

Love to all


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